Meet PSC Founder: Hope Harris

Hope Harris created Positive Statement Co. with a mission to make new friends + become your number one fan.

Hope is passionate about encouraging others and using her experience to inspire others to chase after their dreams. 

While attending Pepperdine University, Hope knew that she wanted to create her own business and failed many times at finding the right fit. From starting a resume company to a chocolate gravy company to handwriting thank you notes and a few others in between, each venture led her to figure out why this was on her heart.

She realized that her purpose was more than a product or service - her purpose was to connect with you and create a community full of human connections in a digital world!

Over a period of four years, Hope wrestled with what her next move would be. On her 25th birthday, October 26, 2019, she started Positive Statement Co. and launched her first clay cutie designs. The rest is history!

Hope has continued to morph Positive Statement Co. over the last year to create a community of dreamers that seeks to promote and encourage positivity and creativity through human connection to build a digital space where YOU belong.

This year Hope has launched over 25 earring collections, positive merch, and even started The Positive Statement Podcast available on Spotify and iTunes.

Join the Positive Statement Co.mmunity on Instagram @positivestatementco and let the fun begin!

Hope is very passionate about using the community and platform to spread God's word and ensure each unique person knows that they are beautifully + wonderfully made. 10% of sales supports the YouVersion Bible app which focuses on creating biblically centered, culturally relevant experiences that encourage and challenge people to seek God throughout each day.

The full story of Positive Statement Co. can be found on Hope's new podcast: The Positive Statement Podcast.