Meet the Kind People Are My Kinda People daily planner! This planner has you covered every day for a full year! 🥳


Y’all this project inspired by you was so fun to work on with @artsyaffirmations !!! We took quotes our cutie community loves and the “Seaside” collection color palette to bring this cutie daily planner to life! Swipe to see the inside 🥳


Planner details:

⚡️7" X 9"

⚡️ 366 pages (enough to plan each day in a full year + no limit on when you can start!)

⚡️ Laminate cover

⚡️ Interior pages Mohawk 80# text weight

⚡️ Made in USA



⚡️ Date

⚡️Mood Board

⚡️ What’s on your plate?

⚡️ Hydrate tracker

⚡️ 6am-9pm spread

⚡️ Best part of your day